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Location: Western Australia
Website: Facebook - Fancy Fondant WA

Hi my name is Lorene, when I was a teenager I use to do a few cakes for friends, just for fun. I then got married and had 3 beautiful children and attempted to make them Birthday cakes from the Womens Weekly Birthday Cake book (not always successfully! 😁) My husband last year got a new job and so I thought I would make him a chocolate mud covered with fondant cake. I had so much fun with it, even though it was not the greatest looking cake. I was hooked! I started making cakes for friends and then I thought about making it into a Business. Suddenly I was giving up my job and having a ball making cakes for people and reaping the rewards of happy customers! I love creating and seeing joy on people's faces. I am inspired by other people and their amazing cake talents. I just hope to be as wonderfully awesome as a lot of cake decorators out there. Thanks for inspiring me.

Fancy Fondant WA



Fancy Fondant WA ...

Really enjoyed making this cake. Would love feed back as I am fairly new to this. This is my first post.!

Allways Julez ...

Woo hoo, Lorene! Good to see you!…. welcome to CakesDecor! Julez xxx

Fancy Fondant WA ...

Thanks so much Julez. You have no idea how great it makes me feel when I get feedback from you! I love your cakes!

Sweet ObsesShan ...

new follow from Sweet ObsesShan,

Clare's Cakes - Leicester ...

hi from a new follower
Clare x

Fancy Fondant WA ...

Hi Clare. ☺️ thanks for following. I have just had a look at your cakes. Wow, you are amazing and I love your flowers.