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Cinnabon Cupcakes

I entered these cupcakes in my county fair and got an honorable mention in 2011! This cupcake is one of my all time favorites! They are adapted from a recipe I found online years ago (sorry I dont remember the original source) For the...

Tutorial on Gumpaste Hibiscus Flowers

I decided to create this very easy and simple tutorial to demonstrate an easier way (at least for me) of creating this flower rather than doing the petal by petal process and the outcome is just as stunning. Enjoy! Cake Themes #8: Rainbow Cakes

Here’s another part of our Cake Themes. I decided to show you some of the Rainbow cakes posted on our website. As you can see, there is no rainbow used on some of them, but author uses colors of rainbow outside or inside the cake....

1st apron

Michael asked me to post a picture of the apron I recieved from the quarterly contest drawing. It is super cute and very heavy and durable. Love it. Thanks agian.

how to make a Gruffalo cake topper and mouse cake topper

Simple tutorial about how to make a Gruffalo cake topper and mouse cake topper. ...

Woo hoo - 4,000 Members!!

I just would like to thank you all for reaching the 4000 Members. You are the best! Congrats and thank you!

How To Make a Shoe Cupcake

This is a link to a short video i made showing how to use rice krispy treats to make cupcake shoes! This is my first tutorial. Hope you like it!


Hi, everybody, I just got a big order for vanilla cupcakes for a baby shower. I have a recipe, but I was wondering if anybody had a great recipe for vanilla cupcakes – I’ve been trying to get my foot in the door at this community and this is...

How to make a 2D character!!

This is a pictorial video on how I made my 2D Baby Minnie cake topper for a baby shower cake. Hope you enjoy it and find it helpful. Thanks for looking!!!


Hello everyone just wanted to warn everyone of people emailing with outrageous cake orders to try and run a scam. Back in October 2011 I received a voice message from a women who wanted to order a wedding cake for 300 guest and was willing to...