How to create perfect stiped fondant and chocolate

This a tutorial on using a pasta maker to create perfect horizontal stripes on fondant or modeling chocolate.

1. Take your chosen base colour of fondant or modelling chocolate and pass it several times through the pasta maker set to its widest setting, until you have a nicely formed, regular shape band of fondant.

2. Take pieces of fondant in your chosen colours for the strips and press each of them into thin bands. It does not matter if they are not quite as long as the base band.

3. pass the coloured strips though the tagliatelle cutters on the pasta maker

4. With a small amount of sugar glue attach these in strips to the base colour. If the strips are too short just join them carefully so they reach right across the base band.

5. When. You are happy with the position of your strips, pass the whole thing through the press section, first on its widest setting and then on the next setting down.

6. Your fondant should now look like the strips are all part of the base layer. Attach to your cake by wrapping round the side or cut using a cutter and place on cup cakes.

Please click the link and it will take you to my facebook page where there are pictures to help you understand the process.

Please do feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Laura Groat @FHC Bakery

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Jan ...

So did you have a white base layer and then lay strips of white then colour then white then colour etc and pass that through the pasta maker or did you just add each colour strip? If the latter, how on earth did you keep the gaps between the colours almost perfectly exact?!

The Faith, Hope and Charity Bakery ...

The first way is correct. I placed white strips between each colour. Thanks for reading my tutorial :)

Jan ...

Ah – thank you and thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge!

Lizzie’s Cakes ...

Great tutorial. I wondered how you got it so perfect! Thanks for sharing.

Raewyn Read Cake Design ...

Great tutorial thank you! And LOVE the finished result, can’t wait to try it :)

Ciccio ...

clever can’t wait to try

JourneyCookieLady ...

Did you cover the cake in fondant first and then add the other layer?