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New Website with free tutorials, Blog, Gallery and Sugar flower tutorial store

I have finally got a new website where I have added all my free tutorials I also have made a gallery of some of my sugar flowers so people can take a wee walk around my sugar garden. ...

Caramel cake

Today I want to share how to make a caramel cake. I hope you are encouraged to comment and to do it, you are super rich. Click here: Enjoy!!!

Cake topper little Duck

Figurine tutorial #3: Disney Pinocchio

Here is my Disney Pinocchio tutorial

How to Make a Horse's Mane and Tail Tutorial

This is a small sample from the Prancing Horse in the Woods Cake tutorial at

How to Make Baroque Style Curly Decorations

This is a small sample from the Black and Gold Glam Cake tutorial at

Cruella De Vil made in modeling chocolate

🌟 3D Sugar Cubes Recipe

Hi Everyone! Do want to surprise your guests with just simple sugar but don’t want to waste a lot of time??? I came up with this idea to decorate sugar and to give it a different and fun shape, of course you can choose the colors and shapes...

Elegant Flower Paste Peony Spray

The peonies are starting bloom! The perfect time to create a Flower Paste Peony Spray!

simple daisy for beginners

link to the you tube video is below "": I really liked these lovely simple daisies and used them on a cake I made for my sisterinlaw I wanted to help people who want t get into the craft without having to fork...