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So we’ve coated and decorated our cake, and the time has come to write an inscription. This is where most of us will start to get butterflies in our tummies. We’ve spent so much time decorating our cake and we don’t want to ruin it with an ugly...

Hand Tutorial

Video Tutorial Nutcracker

Hi everyone, I made a video tutorial how to make a Nutcracker, I hope you will enjoy it. Have a nice day xx Valentina

Zebra cake topper tutorial

I wasn’t posting here for a long time, but now I’m back with my latest cake topper tutorial. Hope you will like this little zebra :) Please subscribe to my channel if you like it! Thanks :*

How to Make EASY STILETTO SHOES Tutorial

In this Yeners Cake Tip, I show you my quick and easy way to make stiletto shoes with pastillage that can be used as a cake topper. With this simple method, you can create an almost endless variety of designs for stiletto shoes. Pastillage...

Captain Hook armature

We would like to show you the armature we have used.It is made of thermoplastic.This is an material which is very practical,strong and hard.It is very comfortable for the make of sculptures and small figures,also for the thin parts of the...

How to Make EASY BAMBOO STICKS with Pastillage

In this Yeners Cake Tip, I show you a very simple way to make realistic looking bamboo sticks that can be used for many purposes related to oriental themed wedding cakes and birthday cakes. In fact I even used them on my own wedding cake! I...

Last minute Halloween Cupcake Tutorial

Hi All, The link below will take you to the free tutorial Hope you like it.

Christmas cake toppers tutorial #1: Santa Cake topper tutorial


Fondant Tutorials #4: Fondant Rosette Ruffles

🎉Tutorial Alert on “Fondant Rosette Ruffles”! Please visit for more; 🤗Son günlerin trendi fırfır efektini fotoğraflarla anlattım. ☝️Blog’umdaki bu yazı için; ;D #rosetteruffles #rosettefrufflescake...