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Decoration, figures, flowers #4: Elephant..

Decoration, figures, flowers #3: Snoopy..

Decoration, figures, flowers #2: Bee Maja

Decoration, figures, flowers #1: Frog..

Any time is a good time for a FIESTA!

When I was asked to make fiesta themed mini cupcakes for an engagement party, I was thrilled! Not only is the person getting married one of the nicest people I know, what a cool theme for an engagement! Talk about thinking outside the box. ...

Bob the Sleepyhead

Help with size

Hi guys so I have a request from a client who wants her birthday cake like the image below. But the catch is that it’s for 10-12 people only. So any ideas on how I should resize this big cake for 10-12 people keeping the aesthetics of it alive. ...

"Master Tigress" tutorial (Kung Fu Panda) #1: Legs ( 1-28)...

Hi everyone! !! I’m so glad to introduce my new tutorial: a complete step by step with tones of picture will guide you through the making of Kung Fu Panda ’ s amazing character Master Tigress!!! You can find a picture of the final result here ...

Easy soccer ball topper

I needed to make a soccer ball topper & I don’t have a pentagonal cutter, so I had to come up with an easy & quick way. I did & now I’m sharing it with you in this short tutorial. Enjoy xx

sunflower #1: Gumpaste sunflower