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Cake basics 101 #1: How to ganache a cake

Things I can do -ganache a cake. Things I can’t do -ganache a cake without getting my hands covered in it! This one is for the newbies to cake decorating. Creating a great foundation is one of the most important skills to master. I can’t work...

Beautiful Bouquets #3: modern buttercream ruffled & closed peony wreath cake

Hi all, this is the third cake in the series, a crescent shaped wreath of my new designs for ruffled & smooth closed buttercream peonies, and stylised chrysanthemums. The natural colour theme of this cake is blueberry, which was used to...

Santa Claus topper tutorial #1: Santa's head tutorial

GIANT COOKIE CAKE - Video Tutorial

How to make a cake that looks like a giant chocolate chip cookie! This cake can be made any size you like and can also be adapted to appear to contain different sweets and flavours! See the full video here:...


Buttercream horn of plenty / Cornucopia cake

Learn how to make buttercream David Austin roses also known as English Roses and create this quick and easy Thanksgiving horn of plenty flower cake.

CakesDecor Theme: Beautiful Bows Cakes

In todays theme we are showcasing ‘Bows’. There are some absolutely gorgeous bows shown here and some of them have links to tutorials! Congratulations to everyone featured – beautiful cakes and bows!! Elli :-) x ...

Beer mug 3d cake tutorial

Turorial for a 3d beer mug cake, I really had fun making it, enjoy! :)

Why Egg Free Baked Goodies have less Flavour and Colour than Egg Ones:

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Bollywood dancer doll cake

How to make a Bollywood dancer doll cake :) if you like the videos, please subscribe for more content ( it’s free! ) and be sure to share the videos with your friends.