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Christmas penguin tutorial

sorry another animal tut from me im loving them at the moment again pretty simple to follow with the pics. the detail on the scarf was made using the frilled edge of my circle cutter and the detail on the fluffy white part of the hat is...

Fondant canes #1: A simply flower with a skinner blend tutorial

Hi all! Maybe some of you knows that I love polymer clay and that technique is the canes tecnique: sticks decorated inside, the design of which recurs in each “slice”. In other words, the technique of millefiori, ancient and beautiful! A few...

Bakeries In New Jersey

A Little Cake is one of the top bakery in Park Ridge NJ, offers a full line of quality wedding cakes, custom cakes, cupcakes, birthday cakes or sculpted cakes and more all prepared by expert bakers with the finest ingredients.

Happy Thanksgiving Day

I would like to wish happy Thanksgiving day to all our members, who celebrate this holiday. I hope everybody will have the opportunity to spend time with friends and family to celebrate the true meaning of the holiday. Enjoy the turkey and...

Polar Bear Model Tutorial

hello here is my polar tutorial pretty easy to follow from the pictures but will do a run down as well! i used just white fondant this time with tylose in it. i started by rolling a ball then doing a triangular shape i put a cake pop stick...

Christmas Flower - Anytime Flower Tutorial

Red & White Cake Tutorial

Hello everyone! This is our first tutorial to make a simple but effective cake red & white. required: sugar paste white and red round cutter. pantograph cutter stems for flowers two cake! enjoy!

Fondant Penguin tutorial

Dog cupcakes #4: Shih Tzu cupcake picture tutorial

3D Minnie Cake Tutorial

Hi there lovely people!!!! This is how I did my 3d Minnie Cake!!! I’ll have to say that I did have a lot of photos of the head but very few of the body, so this is what I manage to do. Hope you like it!!! ...