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Hi everyone,
My name is Fran and I have two YouTube channels, one is in English: Delicious Sparkly Cakes
and the other one in Italian: Francesca Sugar Art

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Sofa Cake with Cushions (NO EXTRA COOKING) and Blanket

Hi Everyone! For a friend of mine who loves spending her time on the couch watching tv, reading and almost everything 😂😂😂 Have a good Day! Fran

Cloud Puking Rainbow Cake Tutorial

Hi Friends! Here is my Cloud Puking Rainbow Cake Tutorial. A few weeks ago a saw a drawing on Youtube and I felt in love with it 😍 It’s really simple but still I think is cute, I hope you like it too. Fran 😘

Christmas Mug Cake

Full FREE step-by-step tutorial for this cake available on my YouTube Channel:


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il mondo di ielle ...

Hi Francesca! lovely cakes!