Dec 2011 253 Rock Hill, SC

How to make wired and veined wafer paper leaves

Hi lovelies!!!! Here’s the video tutorial on how I made the wired and veined wafer paper leaves shown on the above photo. Enjoy!!! xo-Rose

How to ganache a cake the upside the way (my way)

Hi Lovelies!!!! Sharing with y’all this video tutorial I made on how I frost my cakes with ganache the upside down way (my way). You will need 2 same size acrylic circles, 2 cake boards, a turntable, a palette knife, offset spatula, container...

How to make a cookie box (inspired by Julia M Usher)

This is inspired by Julia M Usher’s “cookie box”. Thank you Julia for sharing. I used tylose treated fondant for the body of the cookie box. You can also use modeling chocolate. here’s the link to the video tutorial on how I did and...

Fondant Ruffled Flowers

Here’s the video tutorial on how I made these fondant ruffled flowers. I used tylose treated fondant for these lots. Enjoy and Happy decorating :) xo-Rose

How I made my Spring themed "Faberge' Eggs"

This is a two part video tutorial on how I made the Spring themed “Faberge Eggs” pictured above. I apologize for this video tutorial being two parts as I had some difficulties shooting it the first time so I had to totally chuck the whole...

How to make truffle cakes (Valentines Day Inspired)

This is how I made my “Sweets for my Tweetheart” Valentines Day Inspired Truffle Cakes :) It will also show you 4 simple designs to choose from for decorating your Valentine truffle cakes. Enjoy!! xo-Rose

How to do the "smocking effect" on fondant

The following video tutorial will show you how I did the “smocking effect” on fondant as shown on these two photos. Here’s the link to the tutorial:

Video Tutorial on How to make a Blush Pink Rose from modeling chocolate FREE HAND

I have been obsessed recently with modeling chocolate and all the beautiful things you can create with it. I was just playing around with my white and red modeling chocolate when I accidentally mixed a little bit of red with the white and so...

How to make modeling chocolate

MODELING CHOCOLATE. That’s what has been consuming me lately. I’ve always been fascinated by it ever since I started decorating cakes for a hobby but I’ve never been brave enough to want to try making it myself until I saw...

How to use CLICKSTIX letter cutters (my way)

ClICKSTIX is one of my favorite tool but just like every other tools I have, I was faced with a big “uh-uh” moment when I first used it. I am not one to give up specially on something I had set my heart on to so I experimented on various ways to...