Video Tutorial on How to make a Blush Pink Rose from modeling chocolate FREE HAND

I have been obsessed recently with modeling chocolate and all the beautiful things you can create with it. I was just playing around with my white and red modeling chocolate when I accidentally mixed a little bit of red with the white and so this Blush Pink Rose was born done FREE HAND.

Here’s my little video tutorial on how I made this Blush Pink Rose :)

Enjoy and Happy Caking :)


Thanks so much for sharing! I’ve tried roses with modeling chocolate before have not been successful. I shall try your way!! Looks very pretty!!


@Karmarie, thank you my dear :) just make sure you’re working in a cool environment (I keep the temp in my kitchen at around 70-72 degree F). Keep your hands and fingers cool too. Have a bowl of cold water nearby to dip your fingers into as soon as you notice that the modeling choc is starting to get a little too greasy and too soft. Sometimes, I also just put it back down on my work mat and let it come to room temp again before I start working with it again.
Happy caking my dear :)

This is beautiful! You have given me the desire to try using modeling chocolate.

Hi, I have recently also made my first figure with modeling chocolate. Everything holds it shape I can complain and love working with it….. however after day 2 my figure stared making little sticky clear beads all over the figure. I tried to put it in the fridge to see if it would help…. no luck

Can you maybe give me a bit of advice on what it could be.

I made my Modeling Choc with Glucose.

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