How to ganache a cake the upside the way (my way)

Hi Lovelies!!!! Sharing with y’all this video tutorial I made on how I frost my cakes with ganache the upside down way (my way).

You will need 2 same size acrylic circles, 2 cake boards, a turntable, a palette knife, offset spatula, container with very hot water, clean dist towel/cheese cloth to wipe the excess water off your scraper, engineer’s square, scraper, prepared ganache, crumbcoated cake, one round parchment paper with the same diameter as the acrylic circles and scotch tape.


Rose you are genius! What kind of chocolate do you use for your ganache?

Ann-Maries Cakes

Thank you hun @AnnMariesCakes. I just use chocolate chips from the grocery store. My favorite is Ghirardelli but I also use Nestle’s


art deco cakes by gali

You are so wonderful to share! Thank you for the amazing tutorial!!

Toni, Pennsylvania,

What kind of fondant do you recommend using?