Bauble Cakes #1: How to make a bauble cake

My friends, I am sharing with you all part 1 of my video tutorial on how I made some of the BAUBLE CAKES shown on the photos above. I’ve made BAUBLE CAKES using RKT, baked half sphere cakes and the “cake pop technique”. In this video, I will be showing you all how to make bauble cakes using the “cake pop technique” which in my opinion is the easiest way of making bauble cakes specially for beginners.

Bauble cakes are great for Christmas themed individual cakes :)

Just a heads up my cakey friends, I had accidentally said in the video that I will be dipping the rounded cakes in melted chocolates, that was a slip up that wasn’t suppose to be there-it was a case of mouth faster than my brain. I failed to remove that part when I was editing :) so do pardon my little boo boo.

Happy caking :)


Thank you rose. I have been dying todo know how to do this. Very thorough.

It is my pleasure to share @Mchenier :) I love experimenting and discovering decorating how to’s :) part two using half sphere cakes is coming up very soon :)

Thank you Rose for a fantastic and very informative demonstration.
You’ve really inspired me to try this for myself.
I think I might do a fudge brownie bauble with Christmas Roses on as a gift for my Step Daughter this year.
She doesn’t like fruit cake, so it’s perfect. And it’s the perfect shape to turn into a Christmas pudding too!


Very nice tutorial, I have to try it! Thanks for sharing!

Itsy Bitsy Cakes,

Thank you my cakey friends :)

Finishing part 2 this week,..then I’ll post a link here :)

This is my first one! I do have to practice a lot!!! Thanks for the wonderful video!!

Itsy Bitsy Cakes,

@itsybitsycakes,…my dear, these are soooooo pretty!!!! I lo ve the color combination too and your presentation is PERFECT!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing this. I sooooo love it.

I am so happy you like it! I will practice a lot more! Your tutorials are great, again thanks!!

Itsy Bitsy Cakes,