How to make modeling chocolate


That’s what has been consuming me lately. I’ve always been fascinated by it ever since I started decorating cakes for a hobby but I’ve never been brave enough to want to try making it myself until I saw Choccywoccydoodah creations on Cake Masters page. Several failed attempt later using 4 recipes I found online calling to use GOOD quality chocolate and the Bain-Marie technique, desperation consuming my will, I went through my cupboard and found several packages of Wilton Candy Melts,…and my chocolate brain went “hmmmnnnnn,..I wonder,..I wonder,..” and so I grab the red candy melts package, two microwave safe bowls, two spatulas, a measuring cup and what’s left of my light corn syrup…..with heart thumping :) I went to work,..and these modeling chocolate roses are the product of that “accidental” concoction. I later found out that I am not the first to use candy melts for modeling chocolate but the recipe I am about to share with Y’ALL is MY own recipe measurements-FOOLPROOF, soooooooooo easy peasy to make and a product of my modeling chocolate desperate mind :)

Here’s the link to the video tutorial which also contain my foolproof recipe.

Enjoy and happy caking :)


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Benni Rienzo Radic

Love it Rose! I love modeling chocolate too. It’s amazing to work with.


@AdventuresInCaking,..thank you Benni :) I love it soooo much,..even my little loves “playing” with it…she says it’s like sweet play dough..

Delicia Designs

I have been wanting to try it! Thanks for sharing!

Calli Creations

thank you so much for this, I will defo be giving this a try


great tutorial cant wait to try this out, thanks for sharing