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Facebook’s recent changes have made it increasingly difficult for all of us to share our work. Even with those that have opted to view it. Do you have a Facebook page your would like to share with everyone?? Please provide a “Link.”

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This is a great idea! I will pop on over and start ‘liking’ your pages!

My personal business one is:!/pages/Dizzy-Dames-Bake-Shoppe/233520623354033

And the sugar outreach non-profit group that I am a part of is this one:!/cakesforcauses

Thank you all!

-- Rene', Arizona, Dizzy Dame's Bake Shoppe

Lil mamas designer delights!

-- Andrialilmama

Thank you all for sharing!! We are a small community, so we must stick together & help build each other!! God Bless You!!

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