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How to make this Amazing Dragon Cake?

Can anyone help please, i need to make this cake attached pictures, any idea the best way to make it? Please, please help! Thank you. Beata
I was thinking to use wire and gumpaste and RKT. Can anyone help Please….

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Is that supposed to be a cake in your pictures? It very much looks like a model to me, but I’ve been fooled before. If I were gping to attempt to make an edible version of this, I would small copper tubing and modeling chocolate – no RKT (for the neck/heads), and only foindant/gumpaste for horns, teeth, etc. Good Luck!!

Jenniffer White, Cup a Dee Cakes -

Hi, thank you so much for reply… and yes its just a model. I was thinking to do the bottom of the dragon from RKT but heads- use copper and gumpaste, do you think modeling chocolate is better then? if i do it from modeling chocolate – how long will it stand? and if i use copper, can it be eaten? sorry for my english, i live in England but writing is still a problem ;) (i am Polish) Thank you sooooo much *

You’re welcome and your English is just fine! I am a huge fan of modeling chocolate. It holds its shape well but still maintains some flexibility if you have to make adjustments. The copper tubing I use I get at the home improvement store and is meant for water lines. I cook in copper pots, so I consider it safe. I don’t know if I would let anyone eat the dragons though JUST because of all the work that is going into them!! ;-)

Jenniffer White, Cup a Dee Cakes -

Thank you so much for your help, i wasn’t sure if to use chocolate or gumpaste, but after talking to you and another lady Elizabeth -Artisan Cake Company (you may know of her work) i will go for chocolate… and the key is structure to get it right ;) I feel a lot more confident now. I have never did this kind of project before but i always wanted to do it… Also, what kind of chocolate would you use it? dark? then i will need to paint it… i want to look as closers as the the pictures above. Thank you gain… Beata***

OMG, of course I know of Liz Marek, she is awesome!! I would probably make the modeling chocolate out of white chocolate (or possibly white candy melts, which technically makes it “candy clay”) and use gel or powder colors to go ahead and get a base coat. Looks like maybe a batch of reddish, blueish, and the dragon bellies are very close to the color of regular white chocolate modeling chocolate.

Jenniffer White, Cup a Dee Cakes -

Thank you Jenniffer ;) you are so kind to help me… and Elizabeth Marek she has been amazing too ;) feel lucky to have this response. I will let you know how i am doing and possibly may ask some questions. Here in England lots of people do normal cake, but i want to do something very creative… thank you again and must say i looked your work on the website too and its amazing ;) Beata***

And here i am writting again ;) I have 2 more questions and hope i get an answer i am hoping for…
1. Can i do the heads in advance, about 2 weeks before? Normaly i do my decorations a lot earlier (gumpaste of cause), so there is no stress. I am so new to modelling chocolate… if i can, does it have to be in the frige or can it be in the cool room?
2. Also, will modelling chocolate stick to copper on its own?
I hope after having this information i can start my work. Thank you so much Jenniffer again***

Hi Beata!,

With modeling chocolate you can begin your work earlier, and just leave it in a cool room, no refrigeration necessary. The chocolate will stick to the copper on it’s own, but you could put a thin coat of piping gel on if you wanted. You may have seen it, but here is a link to my WOW stein, the alternate picture shows the copper armature I made to do it. Not nearly as complicated as the dragons, but still the same concept

Jenniffer White, Cup a Dee Cakes -

Wow! Jenniffer, that cake is amazing and thank you for showing me the structure, i was reading about your cake and it looked like you had to put lots of work into it. I am hoping if i like modeling chocolate to do more with it, i enjoy so much doing decorations ;) when i do the structure to the dragon -i will post it to see what you think… and i will get started. Thanks again, you are amazing ;) have a lovely weekend* Beata