Help pls! How do I secure a diamante brooch to extra large gumpaste bows?

My client wants to have extra large gumpaste bows with blings – diamante brooches on her 4 tier wedding cake.

Suddenly I was filled with apprehension – How do I secure the brooch to the bow and then to the side of the cake?

Secondly, how do I get gumpaste bows of such sizes, safely to the reception without any issues e.g breakages???

Appreciate your suggestions.

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Jenniffer White

I am assuming the brooches are real, heavy metal brooches. If so, you will need someway to secure that thing to the cake. Without seeing it, my recommendation would be a wooden skewer attached to the back of the brooch with a healthy dose of hot glue. Stick that into your cake and build the bow around it. The customer can even remove the hot glue afterwards and keep using it.

As far as transporting big bow loops, I carry my cakes assembled with the bows in place. I will carry 3-4 extra loops in case of breakage, but honestly I rarely get any broken loops on the trip. Hope this helps!


Thanks a lot Jennifer, yes they are heavy metal brooches. Will do a try out your suggestion as regards the hot glue to see how it goes before the main event. As for transporting the big bows, putting them in place on the cake – this is very risky, roads in this part of the world are not ideal. Even transporting already assembled sugar flowers is a big risk. I really appreciate your feedback, many thanks!


Hi! I did brooches on my own wedding cake. I used royal icing; I stuck the brooches on with royal and then secured it with toothpick all through the holes in the metal work of the brooch and all underneath the brooches as well. I left them like that for over 24 hours and left them in place during transport, then right before I left the reception venue (about 8-9hours before reception time) I pulled the toothpicks. They were fine when I arrived at our reception and remained fine until we cute the cake. You didn’t notice a thing from the toothpics.


Thanks a lot for your input Jgaut11, its highly appreciated!

Amanda’s Little Cake Boutique

Can you use hot glue straight on a cake with edible items? I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing that. OK if it is a satin bow or something not edible.

I would use royal icing, or even thread the brooch through the centre loop of the bow whilst the bow is drying.

Jenniffer White

the brooch is meant to be the center of a large gumpaste bow so I doubt the cured, hardened hot glue would ever touch the cake. If it concerns you (or the OP), cut a small wax/parchment paper circle and lay it on top of the hot glue as it dries. I haven’t seen the brooch in question or weighed it, but they can be pretty heavy. Royal might hold it, I would test it good first.


CleverLittle Cupcake and Jennifer, thank you so much for your suggestions, its highly appreciated! Will incorporate the waxed paper idea as well. Definitely prefer the hot glue suggestion as to the royal icing; due to the weight of the brooch. As for the big bow, a satin version will be used instead of the gumpaste version.
Thank you all so much………