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Cake Decorating? Where to start?!

I really want to get into cake decorating but I have no idea where to start! Any advice? I’d rather not pay for a class because baby #3 is due October 17th, and we got rid of everything back in January so we have to replace it all. Any advice for teaching yourself from home? What do I need to get? Where should I start? I’m in serious need of a hobby and have been interested in cake decorating for a few years now but I just never had the time to even think about it. Now I’m a stay at home mom and I need something to help keep me sane!


Hi, I am completely self taught in the art of cake decorating, thanks to watching countless you tube video tutorials and exploring cake artists blogs and websites. I didn’t take the wilton class either, nor received any formal training. Pinterest also has pages and pages full of cake tutorials. These are all good starting points. Then you just need to practice the techniques and your skills will grow from there. For material, start by buying some tools and fondant at Micahaels, if one is near you – use the coupons and you’ll get good deals. Good luck!

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I agree with rooneygirl, youtube has some great tutorials!!


I too am completely self taught. You just need to play around until you are happy and confident with what you are doing. And the beauty of Sugar paste is if you’re not happy with it you can either roll it up and start again…or eat it!! You tube is fantastic, and after 2yrs of “do it yourself” cake decorating I’m going to a class at Pretty Witty cakes next week to do the birdcage wedding cake class. I want to get some tips on how to save time and money, and I’m curious to see if I’m doing it the right way and I’m sure I’ll learn loads anyway. Go for it, and you won’t regret it. Top tip…. don’t buy too much kit. Only buy what you will use. If you get an order, cost the kit into the cake because you might never use it again. Making your own silicone moulds is really easy, and you can save loads by making your own moulds. I made the sea shell moulds for my Beach hut cake last week and I’m over the moon with how they came out. Good luck, have fun, and remember to post your work for us to share. Everyone is so lovely and positive, and you’ll soon hooked on cakes décor. It’s a fantastic site.


Everyone has given you great advice. One other thing that I would like to add is check out books available at your local library. Since this is only a hobby for me and my cakes are given as gifts to family members, I try not to buy too much. You would be surprised what you can use around the house for decorating. I have even used bottle tops as cutters for some of my sugarpaste flowers. Best of luck to you.

I agree 100% percent with the other posters, but I wouldn’t dismiss the Wilton classes entirely. And if you have a Michaels Craft store near you, you might be able to get the class at half off. My Michaels seems to always be running a half off or BOGO deal on the Wilton classes. If you’ve never decorated, it’s nice to start out with some instructor based training. You might also want to see if there’s a decorator’s club in your area. They usually meet once a month and they will discuss new techniques and even have demos.

Cake decorating in itself is not a cheap hobby. The $25 (or 12.50 if you catch a deal) for the classes are a steal compared to the tips, pans, sugar, butter, eggs, etc. you will be buying.

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I would absolutely LOVE to take the Wilton classes, but when I asked a year ago Michaels said it was $100 for each class :( If they’re only $25 I can swing those no problem!

Check out the craftsy online classes on cake decorating!

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Do yu have a Joann in your area? I don’t know exactly what the Wilton classes cost but they’re definitely under $100, and Joann often runs specials. I am mostly self taught but Wilton classes are a great place to start.

I spent $30 for a years subscription to MyCakeSchool dot com. The ladies who run it are great, there are plenty of tutorials, videos from ‘baking a cake from scratch start to finish’-to ‘making a stacked cake’….
She has recipes, and message boards. Check it out, it’s a great place to start.

My Cake School is one of the best investments I have made!! Almost every cake I do , I have used something from that sight- Craftsy classes are great— wait for the sales— Jessica Harris’s class was so worth it!! Sharon Zambito has excellent videos (Sugarshack)-

I took a class at Michaels- it was the worst— the absolute worst!!! We didnt even finish it- what a complete waste of tie- Im a teacher and the instructor was awful!!

Everyone on Cakesdecor are amazing!! They are so helpful and supportive – not always the case on other sites-

Dont buy too much stuff- I continue to make this mistake- ugh— I posted a blog for us beginners I listed some tips etc-