Cake Decorating

Favourite tools!!!!

Hi guys!! So everybody on here obviously likes cake decorating
right?? But tell me what is your favourite tool to use- mine are my
piping nozzles as I love to create different designs!! Xx



Best and favourite God given tool??? – Definitely my hands – you sure can’t do any decorating without them!

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Loooool! Damn why didn’t I think of that?!!


I have quite a few— Kitchen Aide!! The Mat by Sweetwise, self-healing cutting mats, green merkins (I think) extruder, a really good exacto knife ( learned this the hard way- so much easier with good tools) memberships in cake sites- Craftsy videos-

Now what I would love to have- Agby, kopycake, edible printer, circuit, good,efficient, attractive storage system (ha) enough tock if ondant, gumpaste, cake boards and drums and I need a better bench scraper-

Hmmmm… You don’t ask for much do ya?! Lol xx


My exacto knife and my tiny palette knife from cel crafts. I use them constantly and for a ton of different tasks.

I have yet to get a tiny palette knife so I don’t really know
how it feels : ( oh well……


I love all of the above tools, but I definitely LOVE my kopycake airbrush machine… It saves me a ton of time and allows me to be much more creative.

I also like using a leveler – especially if I’m going to do multi-tier cakes and I purchased a 12" wide paint palette that I use to smooth out the top of my cakes when using buttercream or ganache – it does it in one swoop!

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Oooh the wide paint palette sounds good! Xx