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Sell it cheap because you are just starting- right or wrong?

A friend of a friend asked if I could make 20 cake pops for her kid’ s birthday. She wanted to know the price. She wanted mickey mouse cake pops. I told my friend that i would charge 3$ per piece. I have not started my cake buisness as yet (due to some personal issues), so my friend replies- 3$ is bit too much, youare just starting you need business so 1.50$ sounds reasonable. I really do not want to sell myself short. Cake pops are a pain in the neck to make it s a lot of work and i probably would have agreed to the price if they were just plain ones but not mickey mouse pops!! So did i do the right thing by sticking to my pricing or should i have gone with the cheap pricing because i am yet to start and cheap price might get me clients?


Selling yourself cheap will get you new clients who will naturally want to exploit, you based on the feedback they got from your previous/old clients.

Best way out is to give discounts – to encourage prospective clients. That way you don’t end up cheating yourself!

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I think cake pops are a huge pain, and if Starbucks can sell average-tasting, boring-looking ones for $2 I think $3 is a fair price. And I’d be astonished if a friend argued a price. Saying it’s more than they can/want to pay is one thing, but implying your product will be unworthy of full price – regardless of your time in the business – is insulting.

I agree, cake pops are very time consuming to make and I charge $3 and up for them and not a penny less. Don’t sell yourself short because you’ll only regret taking the order when you factor in your time involved and realize how much you shortchanged yourself. Stick to your guns. You’ll get plenty of clients that appreciate and value your time and skills. Good Luck!

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You know the value of your time and experience- Im glad you stuck to your guns!!! There is a saying that is ooh so true- Don’t do business with friends and family" — I think -shame on your friend -

How audacious of this “friend.” Basically she has said, “Let me use you.” No to her and no to underselling yourself! <3

Cheap prices bring in cheap clients. Stick to your guns. Tell her what you would do for $1.50 each if that is her budget.

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