Cake Decorating

Calling in some ideas... please!

Hi all,

I am asked to make a cake for a gentleman who is turning 60 and who is also a judge… No fondant cover, just chocolate ganache as the finish look. And since I am a novice at modelling with sugar, I don’t think I can do elaborate sugar figurines… So, I am running out of ideas about how to decorate this cake. And it is going to be a 30-cm cake. Worst case scenario, I will add fresh berries and chocolate but I really wanted something that is “different”. Any ideas???


Dina @ miettes,


You might consider just modeling a gavel and the little board it raps on. Good Luck!

Thanks 3DSweets, I will look into these… good idea!

Dina @ miettes,

If he doesn’t like fondant couple you make some decorations out of modelling chocolate? Maybe some chocolate leaves etc to put around the berries?

Ckeybakeymakey, thank you so much for your advice… I have not tried modeling with chocolate and I think I should!!

Dina @ miettes,

I was thinking maybe you can paint a harlequin design on the sides with edible luster dust (thats not too feminine) And possible add a fondant bow- not a frilly on- they are easy to make-so it looks like a present- or add 60 on top made from gum paste or store bought in the same color you painted the design- maybe add a few different sized balls/beads or dragees on top around the topper and on the cake board- just to kind of jazz it up-

Good luck- post pics when your done :)