Hi All,
Wondering if anyone had any ideas where I can buy tall cake dummies, I have some regular ones but wanted to see if anyone knew where I could get taller ones. Thanks J x

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This place has dummies up to 5". Not sure if you are looking for bigger than that. I have never ordered from them but found them on a forum somewhere….LOL


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I order all my dummies from Dallas foam and their dummies are top notch! My actual cake layers are about 5 inches and so are the dummies I get from them.

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Julie. forget about it. Their prices on dummies are reasonable, their shipping charges are ridiculous. I keep thinking they must be a mistake, over one hundred dollars to ship two small dummies from Texas to California? I don’t think so.


Hi Julie, as you are UK based this company will make any diameter and up to 6inches tall as standard.

Also www.dummiesdirect.co.uk will cut to any size you want but they can’t be ordered online, only by telephone, they will give you a quote.

I have used both of these companies and they are fine.

I hope that this helps. x

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Julie I didn’t look up your profile. Are you in the U.S.? I emailed these people and they said their website needs updating. I ordered 3 tall dummies and she adjustedd the shipping cost from over $100.00 to $14.95 so I had them ship them to me.


My order just arrived today, I ordered a 12", 10" and 6" round, all 6" tall. The price with shipping was $23.05 very reasonable. They are located in Texas for those in the U.S.
I nearly didn’t order when I went to their website and saw the outrageous shipping fees. But I emailed them and they got right back to me to say it was an error on their site and they were correcting it. The company is lonestar.com


I buy a big sheet of 5 inch tall polystyrene and get my dad to cut out the shape I need, anything over 5 inches, I will stick two pieces of polystyrene together. For example for a 8 inch tall, I will buy 2 four inch tall dummies and stick them on top of each other. I use pretty strong pva glue.
I hope this helps x

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As the details and link from above are a few years old.
We can supply cake dummies up to any depth and height, and you can buy dummies from our website 12" in depth. www.cakedummies.com