Non-Perishable Cream Cheese Frosting

Hello everyone! I’m going to be making and decorating a two-tier carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. I have heard that the sugar in the frosting makes it safe to be stored at room temp but I wanted to be sure before I did it. Does anyone know if this is true? Or have a non perishable cream cheese frosting recipe that they’ve used?






i too have been asked to do this and was wondering the same ,let me know what people say i heard you can but it’ something i’ve not used before wondered how long it keeps for ,i will watch and see what people say Happy caking xxx

Pam from My Sweeter Side

Hello, I have made Earlene’s cream cheese buttercream before and it was amazing and I left it out for 3 days while working on the cake and the customer said it was delicious. Here is the cake I used it on. It was a pumpkin spice choc chip cake with cream cheese buttercream filling and crumb coat. Here is the recipe…..’S CREAM


Eleanor Heaphy

You can also use white choc ganache flavoured with cheesecake oil. Can be left out a normal temps for up to five days.


I’ve used LorAnn’s Cheesecake flavoring instead of cream cheese in my regular buttercream recipe. In NC, any cream cheese frosting must be tested for moisture content to determine shelf-stability. This requirement makes me cautious of leaving cream cheese frostings unrefrigerated.


I agree with Cakeage, white chocolate ganache is the way to go. I just paired it with a carrot cake and it is divine!!


Thank you guys so much! I will be making another test cake before the real one and I will be trying the ganache!