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Hi everyone! I’m back looking from some advice.

I have a 4 tiers buttercream wedding cake due this Thursday. I am also a guest at the wedding. I am trying to figure out the best way possible to go about it. Should I assemble everything at home (is that even safe to do) and deliver? Or should bring the tiers separate and assemble at the reception? (The cake will have gumpaste roses on it as well). How far in advance should I deliver so I can make it to the ceremony on time (if that’s even possible)? And what are the things that you guys recommend I bring in my emergency kit?
Any feedback would be appreciated. This cake is freaking me out as it is my first wedding cake, and I want to have everything right… Thank you!

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I just faced the same dilemma with to assemble a 4 tier wedding cake (this past Friday) on site or at my kitchen – I opted to assemble on site because with all the gananche and fondant, everything weighed a ton and it was to scary to transport assembled. All tiers had the supports in them already so when I arrived I just placed each on top of the other ( I used the SPS system). As an emergency kit, I bring everything I would need to redecorate the cake – in my case, luster dust because two tiers were painted silver so i could fix any smudges, extra dragess and sugar crystals – in case any fell off, extra fondant and my extruder (to cover up the gaps between the tiers – I didn’t use ribbbon). You should bring extra gumpaste flowers in case any break or if you somehow damage the fondant – you can cover it with a flower, :-). Better to bring more than you think you’ll need because you never know what might go wrong and this way you can be prepared for anything. Leave yourself about 90 minutes to assemble and repair or finish decorating onsite – better safe than sorry if you finish early. Good luck and I hope everything goes well.

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You may want to assemble the bottom two tiers and bring the 3rd and 4th to be assembled at the site. As far as the emergency kit, make sure you bring Royal Icing, a spatula, extra flowers, the appropriate tips and bags and anything else you may need to repair the cake.

Good luck and post a picture!!!!

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I just did this on friday. I did most of the assemble in my kitchen. I set the bottom two tiers on the board all supports in place. Then I assembled the top two tiers. So really I took the cake in two pieces. Once we arrived at the reception all I had to do was place the top tiers on the top and fix the ribbon in place. I delivered the cake at 2:30 in the arvo and the guests all arrived there by 5:30. Plenty of time. One thing I always do is to ring the reception centre a few days before and ask when the earliest time I can deliver. The earlier the better incase of any little emergency. You may even be able to deliver the day before if the room isn’t being used for anything else. As for a repair kit. Take everything you used to decorate the cake in the first place. Good Luck..

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I appreciate all of your advices Maria, DJ, and Isabel. Thank you so much. I will do everything you say, and I’m praying that everything goes well. And yes DJ, I will post pictures as soon as I get the chance to :-)

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