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Fondant.. Fondix, Satin Ice, Wilton, Marshie?

What kind of fondant do you prefer & you think is easy to work with. I usually use Wilton but it gets hard so fast or I have noticed my cakes look alil to thick compared to others I have seen. Maybe its just I don’t roll it enough makes it kind of hard to roll thinner with my rolling pin I have withoutcorner handles & my back aches after BUT I finally bought one so we will see how that helps out!!

I am just debating on trying something different…

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Have you ever tried making your own Marshmallow Fondant? It’s fairly easy to make, and it’s the only fondant I have ever used. It also tastes so much better than the Wilton fondant.

Toni, Pennsylvania,

I tired once & it didnt come ot quite right is there an easier way to do it??

Edna from Design Me A Cake has a great tutorial on making Marshmallow Fondant. It takes a little practice using and making it. My first couple of times, it gave me a hard time, but now it is all I use.

Toni, Pennsylvania,

I still use some Satin Ice, but I really prefer Fondx and Fondarific.

Jenniffer White, Cup a Dee Cakes -

I hate satin ice. It loves to throw bubbles. Been using it for a year but just switched to fondx and haven’t tried it yet. Marshmallow fondant for me is way too soft to use. Tastes great though. Wilton fondant tastes bad but I use it to make sugar flowers or figures because it’s the most firm.

Bliss Pastry, Deland, Florida

I started with marshmallow fondant and found it gave me too many tiny airbubles that make the surface look puckered all the time so I got tired of making it and getting frustrated all the time and having to hide too many imperfections with decorations, plus my business increased so I couldn’t find the time to make it anymore anyway. For now I’m using Satin Ice which I’m not crazy about – used to get lots of elephant skin but then I started rolling in on a fondant mat and throwing the mat over the cake and peeling it back – works much better this way but sometimes pulling the mat off the cake thins out the fodant and tears it – I guess practice makes perfect… I just overed Bakels Pettinice because I’ve heard really good things about it – I’ll let everyone know how I like it… Anybody have any opinions on Bakels?

Maria @ or

Torta Couture turned me on to Massa Ticino tpTropic by Carma. I LOVE this stuff. I live in Savannah which has a lot of humidity and normal fondant just gets so sticky. I would have to use a ton of powdered sugar to keep it from sticking to my work surface, which would make it elephant skin. Since switching I haven’t had a problem and I can roll this a little thinner than I use to. It’s a little pricey because I can only find it in the 15.4 lb size, but honestly pricing by pould it’s not much more than I would pay for fondrific. I buy Massa Ticino from and with shipping it costs about $90 for 15.4 lbs.

Tammy, or

i only use marshmallow fondant. the more you make it the easier it gets to make.and you cant beat the price of making your own. much, much cheaper!! jet puffed work best of alll.

Qt Cakes,South Dakota,

I absolutely love Chocopan. It is the easiest to work with and you can roll it really thin. I do not have strong hands, so other brands are too hard for me to work with. Chocopan softens up really easily and if you make a mistake in your finished product, it is very forgiving! It is a bit more expensive, but because you can roll it so thin, it actually will cover more cakes then the equivalent in other brands. Plus it tastes great!


Thank you guys!! I just lost my job 10/18 & funny part is friends & friends of friends are now booking me for cakes and cuupcakes!! Which helps us out alil.. But I try & stay positive at all times.. Thanks Again!!