smash cakes

Hey all,

Just wanted to ask ya’ll what size cake etc do you use for a smash cake?
What do you put it in to transport it?
I have used giant cupcakes but have trouble putting it in something. Maybe I need to make them smaller and use one of those clamshell containers.



Sweet Heaven Cakes

well… I guess a giant cupcake is to big for smash cake…
Usually its a little cake… around 6"round cake or similar….


I’ve done four inch cakes for smash cakes. I’ll put them on an eight inch cake board and transport in an eight inch cake box. I can personally never get a smooth finish on the buttercream for such a small cake, so I’ll always do a textured side, but I’ve been told to put a dowel through the center to keep it upright while smoothing the sides, then remove when ready to smooth top and decorate.


Thanks guys.
I have done 6in cakes, but that just seems too big.
Also I guess I should have clarified that the “giant cupcake” was just a really big muffin "cake’. I have purchased a 3 ‘’ pan . I love the idea of getting a box. I don’t do too many smash cakes so I will just buy the box on an as needed basis.

Thanks again


I typically do a 4" inch round. I have the same issues with smoothness, so usually do a ruffled side or something else piped on. I have done fancier ones that I charge for, but for the free ones I offer I do 4" buttercream base.

Nikki Belleperche

I use 6" rounds personally.

Karen MacFadyen

OK – I am from London – and have no clue as to what a smash cake is. Can someone enlighten me? :)

Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer

Karen it is usually a smaller cake that is made to match the main cake that a young child can smash their hands into to eat their cake.

Karen MacFadyen

Wow – UK decorators correct me if I am wrong – but I have never heard of that across the pond in London!! Thank you for letting me know. Would love to see some examples too…..:) Kx