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glue issue

Hi I have a big problem with gluing on fondant, Like for instance, today i had to deliver a Barney cake, all the borders were made out of small fondant balls, i glued them on the cake with royal icing, the disaster came when i reached the place with my car, i found out that ALL the balls were not fixed anymore!!! had to try to fix them before the birthday and didn’t work!!! Can anyone help me please??

-- Nadine A.




I use a small ball of fondant melted in some warm water as a fondant glue

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thanks a lot:)


Have you ever tried Tylose glue? Wilton makes a product called Gum-Tex that is normally available at stores like Michael’s and Hobby Lobby and you just mix it with water to make glue. That happened to me once before. Try using a thicker cake drum.

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Thanks for your answer Kendra, but why do you think that the thickness of the drum matters?

Jenniffer White

It could be the drum if the cake is so heavy that it is flexing when you pick it up. If it was a smaller cake than I would guess not. I normally use just a dab of water to glue fondant to fondant, but I recently picked up a bottle of Sassie Sap edible sugar glue and it really does a good job of gluing things down.

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Thanks I see your point;)

Eric Johnson

I use the tylose and water for glue, works great. I’ve also seen shortening used for glue, doesn’t dry but you can move the pieces around if you don’t get them in the right spot the first time. You can also put a piece of gumpaste in water and let it dissolve.

Nikki Belleperche

I use plain water for my fondant on fondant glue. But I agree that it sounds like this time your cake board/drum might have been the culprit!

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yes I guess! thank you all for your help!