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wedding cake pricing .... I know it's an ongoing topic ... but here we go again :D

This is what I just sent as a reply for a wedding cake inquiry (I’m so new at this and giving a quote always scares me):

Based on our phone conversation I have compiled an estimate for a 4 tier square, butter cream wedding cake.

The cake will include the following:

  • 4 square tiers: 6", 8", 10", 12"
  • each tier will be 3" high
  • each tier will be torted into 3 layers
  • the 6" and 10" cake will have strawberry cream filling between each torte
  • the 8" and 12" cake will have raspberry cream filling between each torte
  • each tier will be covered with butter cream
  • each tier will have zebra print fondant accents applied
  • the cake will be delivered and set up at your event location: Aylesford Lake. The location will need to be available for cake set up a minimum of 3 hours before the event.

The cost for this wedding cake will be $545.00. A 50%, non refundable, down payment is require to confirm the order with the balance paid 1 week before delivery.


FYI: The location is approx 1/2 hour drive over very rough roads, so I will not be pre-assembling any of the cake.

Your thoughts!!!

What do you include when a quote is requested? How much information do you include? Did I forget anything? Should I have included more or less information? I hope I didn’t mess it up.


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I always give phone & email quotes as rough price range estimates and let them know that the final design will dictate the final price. I get so many requests for pricing I would spend way too much time in front of the computer instead of in the kitchen if I gave each a detailed quote. I also do not like to guarantee a price until the design is set in stone on the contract, because people will tweek the design sometimes at the last m inute. When I write out a contracr I spell out the details of the cake much as you did here. There is nothing wrong with your response, but as your business increases you will need to work out a shorted estimate response or some sort of form letter to save time.


Thank you so much for your feedback Amy.