Modeling Chocolate and whipped icing

I’m fairly new to this site and am wondering if I might ask a question. I have an order next week for a cake to be covered in whipped icing. I’ll probably use Rich’s Bettercreme.
However, the customer would like it to resemble a football field with the teams colors in checkered squares at both ends of the cake, with a football helmet and football on the field.

I’m really afraid that if I make the squares or helmet/football out of gumpaste/fondant that they will be ruined from the moisture of the whipped topping.

Has anyone had experience with this?

Or if I make everything with modeling chocolate, will I have the same problem? It should do okay on the whipped icing, shouldn’t it?

Thanks for any replies, I appreciate it.

-- Becky, Greeneville, TN,

modeling chocolate whipped icing bettercreme gumpaste question



Fondant can soften on the buttercream, yes, but if the icing is smooth underneath it shouldn’t matter. That said, modeling chocolate doesn’t soften. Good luck.