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Gumpaste Blackberries and blossoms

Made for an upcoming special event. I seldom do any cakes now but this is for a special friend. The blackberries are molded cones of gumpaste covered in sugar pearls that are colored with edible color. Attaching the pearls is a tedious and sometimes frustrating time, I chased pearls around the table for hours. I tried attaching with gum glue, fabrique glue, clear piping gel and none worked very well. I finally melted some plain gelatin and allowed to cool till it thickened just a bit, I painted the cones with the gel and then rolled them in a bowl of sugar pearls. Still had to fill in some gaps by hand but it worked pretty well.


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They are gorgeous, Shirley! They look straight from the vine!

Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

So beautiful!

Mis dulces tentaciones

Such beautiful berries, Shirley! So nice to see your work again:)

The Garden Baker

Thanks so much. Having given up doing cakes I seldom come here any longer but it is nice to hear from each of you.


It is wonderful to hear from you, dear Shirley! I hope you are safe and well.

Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Thank you friends. I am well, stayed in lockdown for over a year but have now had both vaccinations and still wear a mask if I go out in public. I hope each of you have stayed safe as well. We will come through this pandemic and eventually life will get back to normal, just a different kind of normal.


They are so Beautiful 💖😊😍You did a stunning Job Shirley 💖God Bless You Shirley and all those in your country and keep you all safe and with good health to all 💖💖💖

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