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Cake Decorator of the week.

I received an email on Sunday that I read only today and at first thought it was a scam.
Am I the cake decorator of the week?
It can only be a misunderstanding or a mistake. Even now, I have a hard time believing, I had to read four times to make sure it was true. Thank you so much for this honor and for the continued support I receive from you.
I love



-- Darina


-- Judit

Big congrats, fear Agnes!
So deserved 🤗😘😘

-- Clara

Thanks Clara, even now, I can hardly believe it.


Köszönöm Judit.


So well deserved Agnes,you have an incredible talent.x


-- Mely

Karen, thanks for your kind words.


Köszönöm szépen, Melinda.


Well deserved, Agnes. Congratulations! Your cake with the Spring Flowers is just gorgeous.

Congratulations, your work is really beautiful.


-- Modancsa

Köszi Ancsa, aranyos vagy.


Thanks Goreti.