Hello, my name is Othonas Chatzidakis and I ΄m from Athens, Greece. As long as I remember myself, I always loved arts and crafting. I took cooking lessons, but soon I was won over by the art of pastry.
I was working in a large confectionary chain, when I had my first contact with sugar paste. I attended two seminars to learn the basics and then I continued as a self-taught in this magical journey. In the fist year I won a great prize in a competition at the Artoza Exhibition and since then I haven’ t stopped evolving.
I like to create all kinds of cakes for all occasions. I am truly passionate about modelling and sculpting. Doing this as a job allows me to discover new techniques through creativity every day!!!


awesome cakes <3

Torte (Amela) Banovici

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By Katherina Perez

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Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

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Thank you for the follow, Othonas! Beautiful cakes! I am following you back!