Cake decorator of the week

Hello everyone, CakesDecor members and friends!
I wanted to thank you for choosing me as cake decorator of the week.
I didn’t expect it!
I’m experiencing a difficult moment in my life: yesterday my father broke his left thighbone. I had to take him to the nearest hospital, despite I recently had a hip replacement and can’t drive that good , yet. At the Emergency room, they didn’t allow me to go in, because of the Corona virus. I had to leave my father all alone for a couple of hours (he has Parkinson disease and he’s almost blind, and needs help for everything). I waited outside, freezing in my car, because no restaurants or cafes was open (because of the virus) Here in my area, Lombardy – Italy, we’re experiencing an as absurd as worrying situation. I hope all this will stop and fix in a short time.
Thank you all for your constant support and friendship.
Love and hugs.

-- Clara

cake decorator of the week


MOLI Cakes

Clara, once again congratulations. And I am very sorry about what is happening. I think of you and your loved ones. I wish you a lot of strength.

Bella's Cakes

Clara, congratulations, you deserve it.
So sorry to know about your situation and hope all will be well soon. Sending you lots of hugs.

Layla A

Dear Clara , congratulations .
I’m so sorry what happened to your father and for all your situation :( I hope it will be better soon and I wish You all the best, mainly good health. ❤

Konstantina - K & D's Sweet Creations

Congratulations Clara! You deserve much more. You’re the person that has always something nice to say to everyone. And even though all this happens to your life, you still give me the impression that you keep your smile and you stay positive. Hope things get better very soon!!


I really appreciate your support and love, my dear friends 😘


I was so glad when I read that you was chosen as the cake decorator of week. You really deserve it. Big hug, and I’ll send you lots of kisses.

Penny Sue

Congratulations. Clara so well deserved. I hope you keep well, and your father soon recovers. I always love your positive words to everyone, you always make me feel like I’m doing ok. Love and hugs xx

Cécile Fahs

Congratulations 🤩🤩🥳

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

I must have missed you as Member of the week. It isn’t chosen by the members, but is computer generated by CD.
So sorry about what you’re going through in Italy. I just saw on the news that there closing off more areas of Italy even further. Cafes, restaurants closed, no public get togethers, not even churches allowed to have services. I truly hope these measures stop the spread of the virus, and everything returns to normal soon.


Thank you all for comprehension, sweet ladies 🤗
June, thank you, I didn’t know it was computer generated…. I get the informing email this morning. It made my day despite everything 😍
Love to hear from you 😘😘


Congratulation Clara, well deserved! ❣️😘🤗

Sandra Smiley

Huge congratulations on Decorator of the Week, dear Clara! So well deserved!

I am so sorry to hear about your poor dad and sorry for both of you that you were not able to go into the hospital with him. Please use every precaution and stay safe, sweet sister. Sending my love and big hugs.

Despina Vrochidou

Congratulations Clara so well deserved!!!!!!❤


Congratulations to the Decorator of the Week, dear Claro! I wish your father and you an early healing. Hopefully, the corona virus will disappear quickly and health will reign worldwide. XOXO ❤️


Thank you all so much, my dear friends. Your words really mean a lot to me.