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Hey… following SandraSmiley’s suggestion, I did wander over and start an account… I figured I would also put a post up in the introduction area that we can respond to so as to find each other…
Just in case anyone does wander over…

Howdy all!

Millie – (AAtKT from Cake Central)


Regina Coeli Baker

Hi Millie, I’m here and there… Reggis there as K8mephis re-baptized me and Regina here… one and the same! Happy to found you there and welcome here!


Howdy, everyone! Meredith here (Mer Made Baked Goods on CC).


Hello! I just saw sandras post on cc so I decided to come on over to cakesdecor as well.


Welcome We’ Glad to see you here


Hi everyone! Janelle here (me_me1 over on Cake Central) xx


Hello, Gwen here from for CC, aka doz

Cathy Q

I also created an account here whereI have been posting on Cake Central. I am feels no that Cake Cebtral maybe having some compatibility issues as I don’t see many pictures now. They won’t display properly.


Hi, it’s Lori from CC.

Elli Warren

Hi ladies! Lovely to see you here! :-) x

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Been a member here for quite some time… CC handle Jchuck..🥰

Michal Bulla

Hey Ladies, I’m glad you joined CakesDecor and I hope you’ll enjoy it.

If you need any information or help with something, feel free to ask me ;)


I had not been to CC for a long time, and today I was very surprised to find it is, abandoned? A posting directed me to this site so I hope to see some interesting additions from everyone.

Regina Coeli Baker

We have gathering here and there… we just slowed down during the holidays…I guess! Anyway, welcome!!!

Sandra Smiley

Hi Millie! Welcome aboard!


I saw Sandra’s post. I guess it’s time to copy/paste my favorite links from the other site for a personal ebook. :( I haven’t been active on the other site for a while, but I still read it from time to time (just not logged in). It’s nice to know where the friendly faces are going, especially since I’m going to try to get back into baking and learn decorating a bit more (if the kids let me!). :)
(same name on CC)