Buttercream Icing with Cream Cheese Filling - How long can it stay at room temp?

I have a groom’s cake that was iced with cream cheese flavored buttercream, but filled with real cream cheese filling. How long can it safely stay out at room temperature? The recipe I used is this:

8 oz cream cheese

1/2 cup butter

4 cups powdered sugar

1/4 cup cornstarch

1 tbsp meringue powder

1 tbsp vanilla

cream cheese filling



Everything I have read about cream cheese frosting says 2 hrs. Keep in mind that includes the time you have it out to bring to room temperature yo make the frosting.

Sandra Smiley

Ditto what Goreti said. If I want a cream cheese frosting taste, for a cake required to be on the counter for a few hours, I use Lorann Cream Cheese immulsion to impart the desired flavor. There is also a tried and true mock cream cheese frosting which uses white balsamic vinegar. https://www.cakecentral.com/recipe/61811/white-balsamic-american-buttercream