Intricate pattern in fondant

I have to cut out the LSU eyes of the tiger (see attached image) to put on white cake. I am cutting the black sections out purple fondant and the gold out of gold fondant. I am having difficulty getting clean cuts and getting the pattern to come together. I am using a paper template and an exacto knife to cut it out. Do you have any suggestions on how I could do this differently or better? Any tips for getting the fondant to be the best consistency for this process.


The Garden Baker

Maybe use a round or slightly oval plunge cutter instead of the exacto knife.
Also if using a cutter instead of the exacto, place saran wrap or the like over the fondant before you cut it with the plunger and it will give you cleaner rounder cuts. Good luck!

Sandra Smiley

Have you considered painting them? I paint on fondant with petal dusts mixed with vodka, and it works very well. Here is a section of my tiger.