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I have had a request from a customer to ship cake overnight. Her sister purchased a 8" single tier from me and had it shipped overnight and she said it was successful: arrived intact, moist and undamaged. She has now requested a three tier cake to be shippied. She said it has to be packed in dry ice. I’ve read in previous posts here that fondant does not freeze well. I’m afraid to agree to this. Has anyone out there shipped a tiered cake overnight before? and if so, do you have any guidance?


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Are they prepared to pay you in advance regardless of how the cake arrives? For their sake, what is plan B? Sounds like an important celebration. Just a thought…

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I have never taken that kind of order. Is there nobody that can take the order in their area?
Only if I am along with the cake I have brought it long distanse, on the most 13 hours by car. But to ship it out of my reach and eyes I would not dare…

Elin, Norway,

A single tier being shipped is much different than a 3 tier being shipped. I would politely decline unless she is willing to pay in advance regardless of how the cake arrives and understands if it arrives messed up that it is out of your hands.

Tiff - MA

Can you consider shipping the tiers separated and giving her detailed instructions on how to stack them? That would be the only way I would do it!! Shipping with dry ice is incredibly tricky as well, something you would need to discuss with your local post office as they have to be aware that dry ice is in the package. I also would never consider shipping cakes unless the client knows the risks involved and that any damage is not your fault and will not be refunded.

Nikki, So Cal,

I would never ship cakes either. I have had that request before as well by many people off of my facebook page, but I declined after thinking about it and asking for advice. A 3 tier cake requires more care than a single tier cake, so, I truly think this is a terrible idea.

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Thank you all for the immense help. I’ve talk to the customer again and explained it fully and I believe she understands. I forget that not everyone knows what goes into making a beautiful cake.

You are all awesome! Thank you again!

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