Bety'Sugarland by Elisabete Caseiro




Dali in Sugar - Live now!

53 amazing sugar artist pay homage to Salvador Dali and his work.

An amazing Sugar Gallery that you can’t miss!

Please check all the amazing creations at:


-- Elisabete Caseiro, Portugal,

collaboration dali in sugar salvador dali


Sandra Smiley

This will be the wildest collection of sugar art ever! I am really looking forward to the reveal!

sugar voyager

Can’t wait for the reveal💖. Thank you so much for your hard work and having me!!😊

Cakeicer (Shirley)

I can’t wait either, I always loved Dali’s work and his personality.


Really looking forward to this; I’m such a huge fan. The very 1st showpiece I did in Culinary school was a tribute to Dali (and Magritte). That was years ago! Now, it looks a bit primitive to me, but at the time I was very proud of it :) Can’t wait to see the work-

Sandra Smiley

It looks awesome, DevilishDivine, so cool!

Cakeicer (Shirley)

DD, that is creepy and wonderful! :)

Bety'Sugarland by Elisabete Caseiro

It’s live now! Please check all the amazing pieces at
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Elli Warren

Looks fantastic!! Congratulations!! :-) x

secretos verde violeta

Fantástica colaboración felicidades Betty y muchas gracias por la oportunidad de estar con vosotros ❤️❤️❤️

Cakeicer (Shirley)

Wonderful work by each cake artist. Some make me smile, others laugh, most just leave me in awe at the talent.

Sweet Dreams by Heba

Thanks for all the hard work you put into this collab, Elisabete! :) x

Bety'Sugarland by Elisabete Caseiro

Thank you so much to everyone!