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"Like" Button?

When someone writes a nice comment on your photo, I don’t see an option to let them know you ‘like’ their comment. Is the only way to acknowledge them to write a personal message?

-- https://www.facebook.com/cakemetoyourparty


June ("Clarky's Cakes")

I always make a practice of thanking members for commenting on my sugar creations. Sometimes individually, sometimes on mass. When I comment on a members creation, unfortunately, unless you click “follow discussion” under the members cake post, you don’t see a response yours or anybody else’s comments. You have to back into a particular cake post to see responses. Other than that, you can go on the members page and say a thank you. Or send a pm by clicking on the small envelope in the top right corner of the members page beside “following”.
Hope this helps

Leah Jeffery- Cake Me To Your Party

Thanks June. That is very lengthy isn’t it :)
I would love it if CakesDecor, would add a simple ‘like’ button, just like all other social media have (FB, insta etc.), so people can get an instant response/acknowledgement from me.

The Garden Baker

Leah Jeffery, what a great idea! I also would like the addition, if possible, of a “like” button to be able to simply say thank you to those who comment and for them to be easily able to see the “thank you”.