Maybe i'm wrong...

Hello! I do not have many cakes as others have decorator.I make cakes only as a hobby and just for my family.
There are many wonderful cakes from mine but I think ,sometimes, we had works more beautiful than others who have been to daily top 3,or others who receiving more than fave.If I’m not mistaken, I have never seen on facebook any work of mine published on CakesDecor.Maybe I’m wrong and indeed my work does not deserve to receive fave or comments or appreciations, not ever be in daily top 3. If you look you will see that my works have very little appreciation.I apologize for my boldness.
Good day!

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The Garden Baker

Hi there! I just took a quick look at some of your work and you are quite good. You also have quite a few comments for several of your cakes and I just added one for a topper that I never saw before. As to “faves”, I personally only “fave” cakes or toppers that have an element or technique that I want to remember. I don’t know how other people decide to fave or not. Whether one gets to the top 3 or anything else prestigious I think depends on how many “faves” they have. I would say to try not to see this site as a contest, but rather a place for inspiration. Also, if you check out some of the most popular artists here, in most cases for the 1st 2 pages of their entries, they also received very few faves. Try not to be discouraged.


This site isn’t a contest like @The Garden Baker said. This is a site for sharing your work and connecting with others who share your passion for cake decorating. If you are only trying to be recognised as better then others, then maybe you are misunderstanding the purpose and idea behind this website.

Your work is nice and it will get recognised by others, but you also need to engage with others and like their work as well. It isn’t all about people liking you and your work. If you participate fully in the site you will be recognised by others.

Hope that helps – Happy caking.


Thank you for your response and thank you The Garden Baker to encouragement!
I don’t ,,trying to be recognised as better then others’’,but that receive favorable comments and see your work highlighted gives you joy, satisfaction and helps you trust that what you do,do well good.If this site was just to share our work, why there are top 3? So were all equal.I guess if you have not received the comments on your work you would have thought it’s not good what you’re doing and you will enjoy more when you receive comments or,, fave’’.
I just asked, thinking maybe something i wrong and do not see my work, because they have no more views.I apologize if I was misunderstood.
Good day!


To receive more comments and likes you need to engage with others – that is how you get your name and work recognised. This is a social site. When I log on in the morning there are pages and pages of new cakes – and it just isn’t possible to look at and like them all. But recognising a name will inspire me to look at their new work. I for one have looked at your work and posted comments. Spend time looking at, liking and commenting on others work and soon people will recognise you.

Hope that helps.


Thank you very much !

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

if I can give you some advice. If you spend any time on this site, you will notice many, many beautiful cakes that don’t make the top 3. And don’t even make top 15. Does that mean the cakes aren’t good enough? No it doesn’t. Many members, including me, don’t always have time to look at all the cakes, to like and fav. As MsGF and The Garden Baker said, enjoy the comments on your cakes and comment on others. Get inspired by other members work. Be proud of the cakes you have done. Don’t set the standard of your cakes by what others say or don’t say on this site or any other. As long as your happy with your cakes, and your recipient is pleased with the cake, then that’s what really counts.

Susan Russell

Your cakes are beautiful! I use this site for inspiration, but I must admit, as a hobby baker, I too get discouraged because so many of the cakes posted here are far beyond anything I can attempt or have a need for. I often wish they had a “regular corner” – highlighting the hobby baker who does normal cakes that are a delight to share with the office or family on special occasions. Whatever your motivation, keep posting and enjoying these works of sugar art!

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

I am also a hobby baker. Don’t get many opportunities to make the lovely 3/4/5 tier wedding or special occasion cakes that get posted here. Just have to be satisfied with the size and type of cakes I am able to make.
There is a good quote. “Comparrison is the thief of Joy!


You do great modeling, sculpting figures! My suggestion is to use tags such as, 3d modeling, Hand sculpted, Figure. You can also use searches on similar work too, to give you an ideas as to keywords, tags, etc. If I’m looking for specifics, I always use searches for ideas etc. I also think with the holidays, we all get busy and don’t have a lot of time to look daily or even weekly. That’s why the weekly briefs email helps. If something catches my eye, I’ll click on it & take a look & browse on the tag words or keywords. Don’t get discouraged! Keep caking!


I agree with you @Torturicupasiune, a fave or comment is a positive thing even if you are a hobby decorator, as I am also. True, I use this site as inspiration for my cakes but out of hundreds of people on this site surely someone could give a fave. Personally I try to fave other people’s cakes that are good but have no faves as encouragement to them. I post on Pinterest and had many of my cakes pinned, so I tend to spend more time there. Encouragement , praise,and maybe some criticism helps to make you a better cake decorator.

The Garden Baker

June, I love the quote: “Comparison is the thief of joy”. So very very true in many aspects of life. Thank you for mentioning it! :)
As to the “faving” thing, I think that people tend to comment and fave more the works of others who they have already come to know. Of course the stunning, artistic and exceptional cakes will get noticed, commented on and faved in any case. So if “faves” is what you are after, then the best advice would be to comment and thereby “mingle” lots with others. That way, they’ll come to know you.

Michelle Chan

Hi dear! Welcome to CakesDecor!

I totally get you and know what you must be feeling. I felt the same demotivation too when I see the comments and likes I get for my posts everytime are few or my work at times are better than those which get Daily Top 3, in my humble opinion. I am aware that the work of many cake artists here far more superior than me and I also come here to be inspired by these same people. Many people will tell you that the most important thing about sharing our cakes here is not to get any recognition but nobody can deny that it feels good to receive encouragement/compliments or be recognised for our work and it also does help to be able to “brag” in our business page that we received recognition as Daily Top 3 or being picked for Editor’s Choice, right? It’s like adding more accolades in our CV 😊

I personally have also stop posting my cakes here for more than 6 months already. 😢😟

Sandra Smiley

As many have already said, your problem is not with your cake designs or your talent, but with your interaction with the group. You have been a member for 2-1/2 years, but you are only following five people and have “Faved” very few pieces and made very few comments. There are 10 people following you, so you are (theoratically) receiving twice as much love as you are giving. You have stated that it makes you feel good to receive positive comments from others. It feels good to everyone else, too. If you spread a lot of love, follow your favorite artists and comment and fave their posts, people will get to know you, follow your work and the comments and interaction will come back your way. Sharing our love of the art with others is the only reason to be a member of a cake group.
I also appreciate June’s quote, “comparison is the thief of joy”. The Desiderata has a line that I’ve tried to remember, “If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than ourself.”


In my case, I have a very slow internet connection. I never get to see all the cakes posted as there are a lot. Honestly, I like seeing new ideas, new techniques. They don’t have to be the most beautiful cakes, they need not be perfect. A cake does not have to be the best, it just has to have that something that can inspire one to create something new, do better, be better.


Excuse the delay with will respond you,but I was disappointed and I decided to close my account.For several days I could not connect because account closed But then I got notifications in the e-mail box and saw the words of encouragement,I have seen posts of some ladies who supported what I wrote , that made me change my mind.
I do not speak English,and and I’m sure make mistakes in speech so I apologize!
I wanted to say that the problem is not that I follow very few people,the number of my followers increased after I wrote this post…10 days ago when I wrote I was follow 5 and i was 6 followers,so ,,give and receive love’’about the same.If you look here ,on CakesDecor, you will see that there are people who do not follow anyone, or people with few followers and no followed anyone,who are dailytop3,and they have many considerations.Perhaps the problem is me, because I thought do beautiful things but others they see not think so.
And I think we should not receive,, faves’’ If I gave ,,faves.‘’Not seem right!Only if someone likes my work can get me,, faves’’.Otherwise, only we exchange favors.If I enter a contest on facebook with my work never ask my friends list to vote me.That would not be fair!I apologize for daring to be writing this post 10 days ago, but I think that many, perhaps, think me, but did not dare to write for fear of what they might respond.
Thank you all for words and thank those who appreciated my work and those who, by kind words helped me to keep going!