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Can I fill my cake with butter cream icing, carve it and then freeze for later?

I’m preparing a cake and want to fill it with butter cream, carve it and freeze if for later decorating with fondant. I have more time now, however when the cake is due I will be very short on time so I’m trying to work smart. The cake will only be froze for about a week. Can I do that? Will the butter cream be OK?

Thanks for any idea and advice.

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Yes, it should be fine. I would freeze the cake just long enough for it to harden, and then double wrap with cling wrap. When you’re ready to work on it again, remove the wrap and let it thaw. HTH!

Jenniffer White, Cup a Dee Cakes -

I like to carve a fairly frozen cake, if the design allows for it. I also find it easier to put buttercream on a carved cake if it’s still somewhat frozen,,, cuts down on the crumbs in the crumb coat.,

I’ve done that and never had a problem, I double wrap in cling wrap than in heavy duty foil wrap.

Rosita, Florida,

so you mean after applying the buttercream you could put it in the fridge or freezer? and hoe do you wrap a cake with butttercream on top?

Nadine A.