Hey guys

For those who have started selling I need some advice…

I am new to baking and have not yet learnt a lot of flavours. Right now I only bake chocolate, vanilla and velvet cakes and haven’t started using fondant. I only use buttercream! Would you say it’s too early to start selling?

I’ve baked a couple of cakes for my neighbour, family and friends to taste and the feedback has been great! Maybe I could just clients know I only specialise in these flavours so far and see how it goes??? Help!

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Hi GGirl,I’ve just replied to one of your other questions regarding fondant decorations and saw that no-one had replied to this older post.It’s never too early to start selling your creations,but first you will need to register your business with your local council and get a food hygiene certificate(you can do this online) before you start trading.This will protect you and your customers.you will also need business insurance,again available online and pretty cheap annually,but at least you will be covered if the worst comes to the worst! As for flavours,it’s just all an experiment.My customers go to flavour is always vanilla Victoria sponge,followed by chocolate,red velvet,lemon,coffee,sticky ginger,carrot,etc. Hope this helps and good luck!x

P.s,if you’re just starting out covering your cakes with fondant,everyone has their favourite fondant to work with,I love Couture from Cake Stuff,or Massa Ticino if it’s an expensive cake,like a wedding cake as they cover beautifully with no cracking,ripping or elephant skin! if it’s bog standard it’s worth experimenting with some supermarket brands like Tesco’s as i find that’s fine for a lot of stuff.You’ll also need a good set of flexible smoothers to get a nice finish on your fondant.Shereen’s Cakes on Facebook sell a reasonably priced set.hope this helps.x

Yes you definitely helped. I’ve seen that other people have taken out a public liability insurance and obtain a certificate so I think I will do that before anything kicks off. I also want to learn at least two more flavours and then I’m gonna go for it. Right now I only know vanilla, chocolate, red velvet & carrot. Thanks! x

Thank you very much for your advice! I also want to try the stove cakes to order, but not as I do not decide.

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