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Cake Decorating Magazines

I was wondering what magazines does everyone favour to help them with their craft? Especially ones in the USA. I have written articles for Cake Craft & Decoration Wedding Cakes Guide and Party Cakes Guide, and Squires Kitchen in UK. – and would love to write something for the USA magazines. But would like to know which are your favourites and are most helpful to you?

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Karen MacFadyen

So I am guessing no-one has any favourites then….:( Kx

Cake Couture Marbella

The only one I have a subscription to is Cake Central magazine :-)


The only mag I have ever subscribed to Cake Central. I got a few issues, Paid for the next lot and never received them. I was very disappointed. These days everything I need in on the net. I google anything I want to know or look at.

Nikki Belleperche

Cake magazines have always been out of my budget unfortunately. Wish I could afford to subscribe to some! But like fishabel, I just google what I need.


I too had a Cake Central magazine subscription- only recieved one issue after 4 months and never got another- I had to aggressively pursue getting a refund which included contacting the better business bureau- and like the other replies I turn to google and youtube and blogs to find tutorials on what I need to know. the poor magazine industry, I’m sure that the internet has really put a hurt on them! Way back when, like 10-20 years ago, I faithfully purchased the Wilton ‘yearbook’ every year- it always had great ideas for a wide variety of different types of cakes and designs and always had a section in the back with a bunch of basic information on cake decorating, servings, very basic recipes etc..etc..