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Where can I buy this mold?

I have looked everywhere online & in stores for the mold they used for the gold scroll trim & I just can’t find the exact one… or even one that’s kinda close to it. Everything I find is too big or too small or not shaped right. Anyone have any idea where I can get this mold? Or something pretty similar to it?

Sugar Sweet Cakes by Lisa & Brittany

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It is a Wilton mold, Carla, also available from Michael’s, Hobby Lobby and sometimes even Walmart. I use it for lots of things.

Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

I agree I think that’s the one! Thank y’all SOOO much for your help! I truly appreciate it!

Sugar Sweet Cakes by Lisa & Brittany

I really like the Wilton molds and sometimes you have to think outside the box when you use them. They are affordable and with the coupons, you can use at Michaels, you can pick them up at a decent price.

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