I have used Cake Lace in the past. It remained flexible for quite a while. I made Magic Decor lace this week for a wedding cake that is due next week. I noticed today it has already gotten brittle and will break if you look at it wrong. I am freaking out. I spent a lot of time on this stuff. When I add water or piping gel to the back of this to apply to the cake, will it become flexible enough to wrap around a cake? Right now, in its present stage, it is going to crumble like fine potato chips and all the time I spent in preparation is going to be wasted.

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I have never used Magic Decor but I can tell you what I did with my dyi version of cake lace that became a little dry. I placed on top of it a barely damp paper towel. It was just for a short period of time but it did the trick. Did you wrap it in plastic wrap after you made? I made some in September and just realized I still had it in my china cabinet. Went to check it and it has not dried out.

I wrapped it in parchment paper, folded, and stapled the edges to close it like I did with my Claire Bowman Cake Lace. I had some Cake Lace left over from months previously and that was as flexible as it was when it was first made. Thank you. I am going to try the damp towel and see if it helps.