Hello all my cake friends. My baby boy will be turning 8 in December and he LOVES Legos. Can anyone help with ideas for a cake. I am feeling a bit challenged.

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Hey! There’s a product out there called silicolne plastique…I just found and and have started using it and it’s FAB! You can basically make your own molds….how about making some lego ones and then “building” a cake?!!



If you’ll look either on my blog or my facebook page (or I have one of my Lego Star Wars cakes on here) you can see how I achieved a Lego look – to make the “legos” to edge the bottom of my cake, I rolled my fondant quite thick and used a small rectangle and/or square cutter to cut out the basic shapes (I actually found small clay cutters that worked quite well and are washable) then used one of my small round decorating tips to cut the small circles for the stubs on top of the blocks! Hope this helped with a little bit of inspiration!

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search Google. you can find a ton of pics and inspiration!

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the last Food Network Challenge was Lego cakes. I didn’t watch it, but my mother-in-law said it was not so great … but it still might get you some ideas!


Thank you everyone. I have searched google and flickr and have found so many amazing cakes. I am just a bit scared I wont be able to pull it off.

There are actually ice cube molds for the lego bricks and also the mini figurines. They may be helpful. Does you son have a favorite LEGO theme set? If he does maybe you can start with that thought and build upon it.

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He really loves them all. Hes really been loving the Ninjango theme. Thank you too all of you for all the help :o)

Hi, Sandy! As AdventuresInCaking mentioned, there are molds made by Lego that can be extremely helpful. They have a large cake mold that is a minifig. You could do that and decorate it to like like his favorite Spinjitzu Ninja. I believe these are discontinued but you can easily find them at your favorite online auction website. Hope that helps.

Here’s a how-to video from Betty Crocker! I personall would use fondant but this is a great idea as well! :)


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Thank you so much everyone for all the help. I really do appreciate it. I looked for the silicone molds and they are pretty pricey :(