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Keeping your cake moist

What are some of the things you guys do to bake moist cakes and keep them moist? Hope you guys don’t mind sharing your tricks.

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Hi, Vany, I use a simple syrup, which can be easily flavored – I love to steep a stick of cinnamon in the simple syrup for 5-10 minutes – it makes the syrup taste really nice.

I’ve also added Amaretto, rum, coconut emulsion, or anything else you like. I brush the simple syrup on my cakes (all layers) especially around the edges where it tends to dry out. The result is a very moist cake every time. Hope this helps!

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You can add sour cream or pudding while your are mixing and that helps alot. I do that and all my cakes come out moist. You can also wrap them while they are still warm and that helps seal in the moisture.

Thanks everyone! I do the simple syrup as well, but seems like it’s not enough.

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Have you ever tried freezing your layers and then decorating after thawing? I don’t do it, but I have had others say that it mad their cakes moister. You might also consider replacing some of the butter in your cake batter recipe with vegetable oil.

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I’ve never tried that cupadeecakes. I just read a thread where someone mentioned freezing the bare cake. Would you recommend that? The oil idea sounds good. I will try that.

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I recommend baking up a small cake and freezing it as your family dessert one night. I have frozen layers before, but I don’t normally do it. Once you bake it, let t cool completely. Double wrap it in cling wrap and pop it in the freezer. Once your ready, take it out of he freezer. It will thaw pretty fast at room temp. Maybe an hour or 2. The unwrap and decorate. See what you think! :)

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Oh yeah, I meant to mention the butter/oil situation. It was explained to me this way… Butter and shortening are solid at room temperature, but oil is liquid at room temp. Your final baked goods will retain the moisture properties of the fat you out into it. So swapping out a little butter for a little oil should yield a moister cake. Hope that makes sense!!

Jenniffer White, Cup a Dee Cakes -

I have tweaked many of my scratch recipes to have a vegetable oil base instead of butter and shortening. Keeps my cakes really moist! I can bake 1-2 days in advance, decorate and the cakes still stay moist 5-7 days later!

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I too use vegetable oil in most of my scratch recipes, and it produces the moistest cakes! if you miss the flavor of butter though, i suggest using a combination of butter and vegetable oil (half and half). hope this helps. :)


Thank you guys for all the great tips. I started taking your advices, and so far I am pleased :-) especially the simple syrup trick.

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