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Your chance to win a free trip to The Americas Cake Fair , Orlando, USA!

OK you guys here is a fantastic opportunity for one person to win a free trip to the ever sunny Orlando, Florida for the Satin Ice Americas Cake Fair. Last year it was simply brilliant and I know next years they will even try to top it so it will be a show not to miss. No matter what your skill level or how long you have been decorating this show has something for everyone.

I will be there once again and it would be great to meet one of you so I hope you all go and enter. If a member of Cakesdecor wins we will do a special feature on you in the gazette to help you celebrate.

Hope you win,
Shags xoxoxo

-- Tampa, Florida

the americas cake fair 2017 cake fair


Sandra Smiley

Done! Thanks for sharing, Sharon! It would be a dream trip for me!

Kim Wiltjer

Oooh wow…..😍



Rania Albadawy Sugar Art

What should we do exactly ? Is it kind of competition?

Bety'Sugarland by Elisabete Caseiro

Thank you Sharon!

Angel Rushing

Thanks for sharing..would love to finally go to a cake show and speak one on one with people who share the same interest

Rania Albadawy Sugar Art

Would u please tell me how they will chose? Is it for all cakedecor members? Or we should register some websight?

Angel Rushing

Who won? It said to check back to see who won but don’t see any names listed.

Veronica Seta

Done :)

CuriAUSSIEty Cakes

Sorry I have no idea when the competition will be drawn or who has won!