Sinking Fondant cake!

I’m making a 2 tier cake with buttercream frosting and marshmallow fondant. Had made the cakes and butter creamed them and froze them and last night took them out and thawed them a bit and then covered in fondant. Today, they have sunk and cracked. Is it from freezing them, or did I put too much buttercream (about 1/8 inch thick) or is the fondant not thick enough or is the cake recipe possibly too light to hold the upper tier? Bottom tier is 2 layer 8 inch and the upper is 6 inch 3 layer. Andy ideas or tips greatly appreciated

-- Kerry Feland



Did you use dowels to hold up the top cake?


My first thought was the same as Missybloop. Did you dowel the bottom cake and place the top cake on a cake board?

Allways Julez

I agree with Missybloop and Goreti.
Other than that, if your cake is too light and fluffy, it might not have been able to support the weight of buttercream and fondant… it may have gradually squeezed the air out, causing it to sink.

June Lynch, Picture Perfect Cake, Dundas

My first thought is dowels – hope you used them.
Secondly, you froze the cake and thawed them “a bit”. Maybe there was too much ice in the cake with not totally thawing and it melted after the fondant was put on and therefore, the cakes shrunk where the ice had been. A possibility.
In future, I would suggest you freeze the cakes, thaw them in the fridge overnight and then cover them with the buttercream and then apply the fondant. You can chill the buttercream cakes but do not freeze them. Might be better results.

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Thank you so so much for the replies :) I had figured it out right before I got the first response and I can’t believe I did that but I forgot the dowels!! Arghhhh. Ended up lifting the top layer off and remaking the base layer and it all turned out fantastic but I now have a very big reminder sign taped to my wall about the dowels lol. Still can’t believe after all these years that I forgot that but it has been an extremely tiring and stressful week so it’s no wonder. Thank you to all who replied!