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Fondant: what brand do you prefer

Hey everyone, I have been using the wilton brand fondant (only started decorating a few months ago), but someone told me there is better out there. I wanted to get some insight on what brand fondant you prefer and why?

Also, do you prefer buying plain white fondant and color it, or do you purchase your fondant already colored? Where do you go to get the best deals on fondant as well?

Thank you :-)

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I use Satin Ice. A lot of people don’t like it but I like the taste and once I got THE MAT from sweet wise I dont have any issues with cracking.

I buy both white and colored…especially for black and red. They are too difficult to color myself. I get all my fondant from Global Sugar Art. I can usually get my order in 2-3 days.


I like Duff’s …..and also you HAVE to get THE MAT from Sweetwise. Youll love it!

I still use some Satin Ice, but I LOVE Fonderific and Elite by Fondx fondants. The Fonderific is fat-based (similar to Duffs) but it cuts like a dream in the Cricut, but I don’t really use it to cover cakes. The Elite is awesome for covering cakes, especially sculpted cakes. You can roll it really thin, it stretches without breaking, and I have never gotten elephant skin using it.

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I actually just purchased the mat from sweetwise and I used it with the wilton fondant. I realized that I had a crack at the end.

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I use a mixture of Satin Ice and Chocopan and tend to color my fondant myself (only buy red, black and dark brown pre-colored).

Although I don’t use “the mat” I do use the silicone mats from Atco . . . I seriously don’t know how I managed without it in the past.

I use Wilton to practice or to make items that won’t be eaten. I am fairly new to decorating cakes and was using Satin Ice until I tasted Fondx Elite – the best tasting so far in my opinion and very easy to work with – with or without ‘the mat’.

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I use Bakels. I really like working with it, and most people like the taste of it. I think the Wilton one tastes yucky!

I colour all my own fondant, except for red and black. Too much effort! Especially when you can buy it pre-coloured :)

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If I had to use a brand that you buy from the stores, FONDX is my favorite. Easy to work with, doesn’t dry out as fast as some of the others.

But I haven’t bought fondant since I started making the Michelle Foster’s Fondant recipe. It is AMAZING! Tastes great and is VERY easy to use.

Satin Ice is also good but I find that I have to use A LOT of shortening with it to keep from drying out.

Based on your responses, sounds like FONDX and Satin ice are the most popular amongst you guys. I will definitely give them a try. Thank you guys!

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