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Gravity defying Halloween cake tutorial

Hello everyone!
I am searching for a Halloween gravity defying cake tutorial. Looking for something not too nice or kid friendly – more for an adult age group. I have Dawn Butlers Cake Frame and want desperately to try it out!
I’m thinking a witch on a broomstick or dracula, a ghost?
I see lots of cakes on here, but none that have a tutorial (free?) attached.

let me know if you know of or have anything! Even ideas on how to do it would be great!



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hi ya hun! to make a gravity defying cake you will need threaded rods and mdf for your boards. ive not heard great things about the cake frame its much too flimsy i wouldnt risk travelling with it :(

you can even make a gravity cake with 2 drum boards and a 10 or 12mm wooden dowel. i did a free tutorial on how to make a rugby ball standing on its tip using this method.

Its always best to make sure your gravity cake is properly secure as once the icing is on your cake it will be very heavy. you also need to make sure your board is big enough to take the counter balance of your cake. if the board is too small the cake will topple over. the centre of gravity is higher on a gravity cake so you need to compensate with a bigger board xx

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