I didn’t realize there’s a forum for introducing yourself.. so Hi there! My name is Eloisa and own Sweet Situation custom cakes and desserts in Chatsworth, CA. I’ve been baking and decorating for years but it was just the last couple of years when I became really serious and decided to open my own home-based business. I have such huge passion in making pretty cakes and making people happy. I did not take any professional decorating classes (and would love to take one, someday), I usually just read forums, watch on YouTube and simply look at cakes to learn techniques and most of the time by trial and error, I’m able to figure out techniques on my own. It’s challenging when not a lot of people around me have the same passion as I am, so I’m glad I’m in this awesome community where we can all relate and share our work. :) <3

-- SweetSituation


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Hi Eloisa! Welcome!

SugarMagicCakes (Christine)

Hiya Eloisa……CD Is an amazing place I agree xx

Amanda sargant

Hi Eloisa welcome to CD xxxxx