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Hi Cakey Cakers!

So I’ve been on CD for a little while but haven’t so far made much effort to be part of the community, so thought I’d start to change that by introducing myself!
I’m Beks, from Christchurch, New Zealand. I’m a wife and mum to two lovely/frustrating (!) little girls. I’ve always loved baking and have been decorating since the start of 2014. I’m learning so much from every cake I do, and get so inspired seeing all of your super amazing creations! It’s awesome to be part of a community of fellow cake nerds who understand the all-consuming passion for cake ;-)
Looking forward to getting to know you lovely people more!
Beks x x x


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nice one chick! cool to see you on here :) love seeing your cakes! you’re just getting better & better! kez* x

Rebecca Jane Sugar Art

Thanks so much Kez!


Hi Rebecca, welcome to CD, you’ll love it here and love your cakes!!


Many decorators here are from NZ, like Keren above (IcedByKez) :D

Fancy Favours & Edible Art (Sawsen)

Hi & welcome :)

Rebecca Jane Sugar Art

Thank you! Lovely to meet you all 😘

Love Life, Eat Cake! by Michele

Hi Rebecca, lovely to see you here too x

Sonal Soni

Hi and welcome Rebecca ! You are so right…the artists here are awesome and so inspiring… lovely to meet you xx


Welcome to CakesDecor. We all understand you all consuming passion, we all suffer from the same illness – LOL!

So great of you to introduce yourself!

Little Apple Cakes

Hi Beks!

Danijela Lilchickcupcakes

Hi nice to meet you big hello

Calli Creations

Big hi!!! Welcome to Cakes Decor … Your cakes are gorgeous

Elli Warren

Hi Beks!! Lovely to meet you and your cakes are gorgeous!! :-) x

Rebecca Jane Sugar Art

Thank you! I’ve got much to learn, but am loving the journey 😊